How To Make The Most Beautiful Unicorn Slime Ever.

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If you loved my little round-up of some of our favourite slime recipes, then you’ll also be keen to have a go at this beautiful unicorn slime. There’s something really special about this mixture of beautiful unicorn colours, and kids love the added sparkle from the glitter.

Of course, this slime recipe would work just as well with any combination of colours. Why not try making rainbow slime, or orange and black slime for Halloween?

To make this unicorn slime you’ll need to make three different colours of slime and combine them. It’s a super-easy recipe, one that we’ve probably made hundreds of times before, and it never fails us!

I love the idea of making slime as a gift – it would make such a cute party favour for a preschooler’s unicorn party!

A Word About Borax.

Like a lot of slime recipes, this one contains borax (it’s not listed as an ingredient, but it’s there in the contact lens solution). There are concerns about the safety of using borax with young children. I am no expert, and, obviously, you need to make a judgment for yourself about whether an activity is safe for your children.

Borax is a mild irritant, and it can cause skin problems for some people. That said, I believe it to be safe for children to play with slime containing borax. A quick bit of research backed up my opinion. When you’re doing anything with preschoolers, you need to be supervising closely anyway, and I trust you to have enough common sense to make this judgment.

Don’t let kids put slime in their mouths. Do keep an eye on them to make sure they’re playing appropriately with it. Make sure you follow the recipe carefully, and don’t go off-piste and add other chemicals into the mix. Get your kids to wash their hands carefully after playing with slime.

If you’d rather go for an edible slime recipe, then

Unicorn Colours.

Since I haven’t encountered a unicorn in the wild (yet), I’m forced to rely on accepted wisdom when picking the colours for my unicorn slime! So, we’ve picked a nice array of pastel colours, and, of course, plenty of glitter!

A quick word about glitter – we’ve found that the best glittery effect comes from using clear glue to make your slime. You can definitely make it with standard PVA glue too, but the clear glue is so much better for showing off the sparkle.

How To Make Unicorn Slime.

Unicorn Slime Ingredients.

  • Glue – we used normal white PVA, but clear slime would show the glitter better.
  • Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda).
  • Gel or paste food colouring (not liquid) – we used red (for the pink slime), blue, and purple.
  • Contact lens solution (must contain borax / boric acid).
  • Glitter (if you want sparkles … and who wouldn’t want sparkles?!).

How To Make Unicorn Slime.

1. Pour 1 cup of glue into a big bowl.

2. Add 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda and mix well.

3. Add colouring. I find it best to dip a cocktail stick into the colouring & use that to swirl the colour through the glue. Keep mixing until it’s all one smooth colour. Sometimes we add 2 tablespoons of water at this stage, which makes for a slightly stretchier slime.

4. Add 1 tbsp contact lens solution. (Measure carefully, too much will make the slime break easily, rather than stretching – you can always add a drop or two more if needed).

5. Mix until it pulls away from the bowl, then use your hands to knead the slime. (Show the children how to use the flat of their hand rather than digging claw-like fingers in). After about half a minute, it should be sticking to itself rather than your hands.

6. If you’re adding glitter, you can do that now. Let the slime flatten out on the table, sprinkle with glitter, and roll, fold, and knead it in. Repeat until you’ve added as much glitter as you want.

7. Now repeat the steps for each colour of slime that you want to make.

Combining The Colours.

unicorn slime

If you want your colours to stay separate, then play with them separately. Once you combine them, you’ll have a bit of time where you can see the separate colours mixing, but it will all soon mix to form one colour.

As you can see from our pictures, we used red colouring to make pink slime, blue, and purple. They looked beautiful when we first mixed them, and we’re all pretty happy with the sparkly purple we were left with after a while.

We rolled each colour of slime into a long sausage shape, and laid them close to one another.

After a while the slime flattened out slightly, and we watched as each slime sausage crept towards the one next to it, and they eventually joined together.

It’s fun to twist or plait the strands, or just to watch what happens.

My kids aren’t great fans of just watching things, so we weren’t able to see the separate colours for long! They are great fans of unicorn poop though, so, of course, that was the first thing they had to make!

Trying Other Colour Schemes.

Of course, the recipe above is just a basic slime recipe.

You can make it whatever colour you like!

Rainbow slime would be beautiful … although it would eventually just be brown slime, after you’d played with it for a while.

How about blue, purple, and black, to make galaxy slime – with plenty of glitter, and maybe even some tiny glitter starts?

Bright pink, green, and black watermelon slime?

Pale green and brown for mint-choc-chip?

Orange and black Halloween slime?

The options are endless, and you can make a slime combination for whatever interests your children have at the moment.

If the prospect of ending up with brown sludge doesn’t appeal, then just keep the colours separate … good luck with that though!

Now you know how easy it is to make unicorn slime! I hope you’ll give it a go. You might also want to check out my post on slime recipes for some different ways to make slime – I think the unicorn colours would be a great combination with the fluffy slime in that post.

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