Preschool Christmas Ornaments: Yarn-Wrapped Tree Decorations

All kinds of art and craft activities provide excellent fine motor skills practice for our little ones. These pretty preschool Christmas ornaments are no exception.

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I’m not a big fan of setting up activities just to practice a specific skill. I prefer to expose children to a range of different materials and techniques, and trust that they’ll learn the skills they need.

The best fine-motor practice comes from life in general.

However, it’s sometimes nice to think about the benefits your child is getting from an activity.

So, these yarn-wrapped ornaments provide you with awesome fine-motor practice, and even more awesome Christmas tree ornaments. It’s a win-win situation.

How To Make Yarn-Wrapped Ornaments.

You’ve probably already figured it out from the pictures.

These preschool Christmas ornaments, at the base level, are incredibly simple.




Shapes to draw around (printed-off templates, biscuit cutters etc.)


Yarn (use any bits of yarn you have around, but if I was buying some just for this project, I might have to get this.)



Optional: beads or buttons to thread onto the yarn, glitter.


Draw around your templates on the cardboard, and cut out the shapes. (It’s probably easier to do this ahead of time if there are a few children working with you).

Cut lengths of yarn (about as long as your child’s outstretched arms).

Tape or glue one end of the yarn to a cardboard shape. (I prefer tape because I’m too impatient to wait for the glue to dry).

Wrap the yarn around the shape.

It doesn’t matter how you wrap, whether the strands cross over one another, or tangle.

If someone gets in a pickle with tangled yarn, just give them a helping hand to wrap over the tangle.

When a length of yarn is finished, tape it to the back of the shape.

Add more lengths of yarn as desired, taping them to the back of the shape.

Let the children thread buttons and beads onto the yarn if they like, and keep wrapping.

Stop when you’ve had enough of wrapping.

Paint the whole thing with PVA glue, front and back. Add glitter if you like.

(The glue isn’t an essential step, but it does help to keep everything in place so that these ornaments stay looking good for longer.)

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How To Use Your Yarn-Wrapped Preschool Christmas Ornaments.

This kind of depends on how much your children like wrapping yarn around things.

You might find yourself with a preschooler who is willing to devote his whole life from this point on, to wrapping yarn around anything that stays still long enough.

If that’s the case, let him make as many as he wants, and then string them on some baker’s twine to make a garland.

You might find that just one or two is quite enough for your child. In which case, they look beautiful nestled onto a Christmas tree and surrounded by an eclectic mix of other decorations, both bought and handmade.

It’s up to you.

I’ll be going with a garland this year, and I’m willing to wrap a gazillion stars myself if needed.