Preschool Christmas Crafts To Give To Friends & Family.

Have you picked some preschool Christmas crafts to make this year?

If not, it’s definitely time to get going, so that you have plenty of time to order the supplies you need.

No-one wants to be in the position of having a Pinterest board full of craft ideas, but not actually being organised enough to make any of them.

So, don’t let the festive season whizz by before you’ve had a chance to make some of these festive, fun preschool Christmas crafts.

For this post, I’ve concentrated on choosing crafts that are really beautiful, they’re things that you’ll be able to give to friends and family, or display proudly in your home.

preschool christmas crafts

Preschool Christmas crafts don’t have to revolve around painted toilet paper tubes and cotton wool. (Although there’s definitely a place for those as well).

You’ll find that these projects call for more specialised supplies than most of the things you’ll find here at Playspired, so it’s worth planning ahead to give you time to order things.

These projects are definitely ones to work on with your preschooler, rather than being able to just set it up and let them get on with it. (Of course, if you want to, you could just make these by yourself instead).

I hope you’ll try a couple of these crafts out, I promise you it will be so worthwhile when you see how proud your little ones are of their creations.

Preschool Christmas Crafts And Gifts To Make

Fun and festive preschool Christmas crafts that make beautiful gifts.

Pinterest is absolutely humming with preschool craft ideas for the holiday season. I find that I tend to see the same things over and over though, and there's only so many glitter-fests I can cope with in the run-up to Christmas.

I love the idea of handmade gifts that children can make for friends and family, but I like to pick things that are genuinely beautiful, useful, or, ideally, both.

The crafts on this list tick all those boxes as far as I'm concerned.

These are my favourite thing that we've made so far this year.

I've made some variation on oiled-paper lanterns for the last several years, sometimes fancy origami, sometimes just very simple cylinders like these.

All of them are beautiful, and they look even more beautiful with the candlelight glowing through them.

It's a simple process art technique that lets even tiny children get great results, and you can customise the colours to suit the person you're making them for.

You should definitely make some just to keep at home too - it's so magical to have dinner or movie night by candlelight sometimes. The perfect way to introduce a little hygge into your life.

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Take a look at these gorgeous gingerbread man soaps!

They're easy to make, and there's plenty of scope for your preschooler to help with the process.

I love that they're a cute, Christmassy craft, but that they're also useful.

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More candles, I know. I love candlelight though, and it's definitely a big part of the festive season for me.

These mason jar candle holders are simple to make, but they look really stylish. They're the perfect Christmas gift because they can be enjoyed for the season and then packed away with the decorations ready for next year.

If you're worried about using real candles, you can always pick up a pack of LED candles and use those instead, the flickering ones are especially effective.

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A yummy Christmas treat.

These hot chocolate spoons are simple to make, and they make a perfect gift for friends and family.

It's also easy to make a large batch of them, so they'd be the perfect gift for classmates.

These could be a great addition to a foodie gift - perhaps if you're making big batches of brownies to give out, or other yumminess, this could be your preschooler's contribution to the gift box?

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I've saved my favourite for last, I think.

We get through so many more teatowels at Christmas. Even with the dishwasher, it feels like there are endless rounds of washing up to be done, and there's nothing worse than having to use a damp teatowel.

So, I like to have Christmas teatowels stashed away with the decorations.

I think these kid-made dishtowels would be a great gift for anyone who hosts a lot of people at Christmas. They're cute and functional all at the same time, and, like the candle holders above, there's no obligation to have them out on display all year round.

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I’m definitely going to be trying out some of these this year. I can see more paper lanterns in my future, and definitely some of those fabulous dish towels.

I’ve also got a post with some gorgeous Christmas card ideas to make with your preschooler, and they’d be the perfect accompaniment to any of these handmade gifts.

I’ve got some more great ideas for Preschool Christmas crafts that make awesome Christmas gifts for friends and family – take a look at my Pinterest board.