Festive Fun With Preschoolers: 13 Cute & Simple Crafts.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for easy Christmas crafts.

I’m not always the greatest at getting around to making them, but I love pinning them. I love daydreaming about them and gathering the supplies to make them.

That said, I try to plan December with plenty of time for making easy Christmas crafts with my little ones. We usually try to host a ‘crafternoon’ as well, inviting friends over for hot chocolate, festive snacks and glittery fun.

These crafts would be perfect for that kind of afternoon. I’ve hunted out easy Christmas crafts that work for a wide age range, and that won’t make too much mess.

can be made by a wide age range, and that won’t make too much mess.

Here’s my shortlist. I haven’t yet decided which crafts will make the final cut for our crafternoon, but these are in the running.

Cute & Simple Christmas Crafts

The activities I've picked for this list prove that Christmas crafts don't have to be elaborate to be fun for preschoolers.

They're all super-simple crafts, and most of them use things you already have, or can pick up easily.

I've focused on things that won't create too much mess, and that are flexible enough to be adapted to your child's abilities.

Spend some time crafting with your little ones this Christmas, and display their creations proudly alongside all your other Christmas decorations.

Easy Christmas Crafts Crafternoon

Our Christmas crafternoon is one of my favourite pre-Christmas activities.

We keep this very simple, and I’ll set out a few different craft stations around the house. The activities I pick are always very simple ones, like the ones in the list above.

The idea is to choose things that can be made with minimal adult help.

The trick is to station a couple of adults in each area, so that the mamas get the chance to chat too. It’s good to swap around after a while as well.

Ask everyone to bring a festive treat to share, and fill the slow cooker with hot chocolate.

I won’t deny that this usually results in a whole heap of clean-up to do at the end of the session, but I think the benefits are well worth it.

I also have this post with more Christmas crafts for preschoolers that you can check out if you’d like even more ideas for hosting your own Christmas crafternoon.

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Easy Christmas Crafts For Preschoolers