Festive Fun With Preschoolers: 13 Cute & Simple Crafts.

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for easy Christmas crafts.

I’m not always the greatest at getting around to making them, but I love pinning them. I love daydreaming about them and gathering the supplies to make them.

That said, I try to plan December with plenty of time for making easy Christmas crafts with my little ones. We usually try to host a ‘crafternoon’ as well, inviting friends over for hot chocolate, festive snacks and glittery fun.

These crafts would be perfect for that kind of afternoon. I’ve hunted out easy Christmas crafts that work for a wide age range, and that won’t make too much mess.

can be made by a wide age range, and that won’t make too much mess.

Here’s my shortlist. I haven’t yet decided which crafts will make the final cut for our crafternoon, but these are in the running.

Cute & Simple Christmas Crafts

The activities I've picked for this list prove that Christmas crafts don't have to be elaborate to be fun for preschoolers.

They're all super-simple crafts, and most of them use things you already have, or can pick up easily.

I've focused on things that won't create too much mess, and that are flexible enough to be adapted to your child's abilities.

Spend some time crafting with your little ones this Christmas, and display their creations proudly alongside all your other Christmas decorations.

I'm seeing a LOT of clothes peg crafts on Pinterest at the moment.

I think these little reindeer are my favourite though.

I love that you can choose to clip them onto something, or just stand them up on a shelf somewhere, peeping out at you.

If you do activity envelopes as an advent calendar, then these little guys would be perfect for holding onto those little envelopes.

A little bit fiddly for tiny hands, but the perfect craft to work on together.

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Anything that puts my jar of buttons to good use is a win for me!

I'm lucky enough to have inherited button jars and tins from both my own grandmothers and my husband's grandmothers as well. That's a LOT of buttons!

Buttons are fun to play with anyway, so I'd recommend a good session of just sorting and arranging the buttons before you get started on picking favourites to make these pretty star ornaments.

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Is it nearly Christmas?

Is it Christmas today?

When is Father Christmas coming?

Once children get old enough to understand that Christmas is around the corner, the wait can feel endless.

These paper chain countdowns are a cute visual way of showing how long is left until Christmas.

Make sure you click through to download the free printable for this super-cute paper chain.

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Whenever I set out tin foil on our crafting table, it seems to draw the children like a magnet. Even the older ones come and sit down to join in.

There's something exciting about working with the smooth, shiny, reflective foil.

It's put to great use in these pretty foil ornaments, and they'll look just as beautiful with slightly-wrinkled, preschooler-wrapped foil as they will with your perfectly smooth version, so don't be too quick to jump in and help!

I'd also have to put Sharpies out on the table because I think Sharpies and tin foil are a match made in heaven!

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Another great activity for a range of ages.

Even the smallest toddlers can enjoy tearing up paper and collaging it onto paper plates.

Slightly older ones can shoot for fancy designs and their favourite colour combinations.

These paper plate baubles are simple preschool Christmas crafting at its best.

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A few years ago, I bought a HUGE box of craft sticks from Amazon. I think I originally got them for bridge-building with home ed group, knowing there was no way we could eat that many lollies.

I swear the box never gets any emptier, no matter how many craft stick crafts we try!

This sparkly snowflake craft uses four craft sticks for each snowflake. I'm hoping that rolling this out at our festive crafternoon will be a good way to reduce the number of lolly sticks in that box.

A lovely, pretty, simple craft that's brilliant for using up all kinds of sparkly bits and pieces from the bottom of the craft box.

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I really love garlands.

I especially love the kind of garlands that I don't feel obliged to carefully store from year to year. Surely it's not just our garage that's home to a family of garland-tangling piskies?

So, while I love delicate strings of paper stars and lacy snowflakes, there will always be room for more robust, kid-made garlands like this one.

I think this is really pretty in its simplest form, and it also lends itself to being blinged up with glitter, sequins, and anything else you fancy.

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Paper straws are a great crafting medium for little hands.

Snipped into short lengths, they make a fun threading activity.

I think the combination of these pretty straws and the jingle bells is a definite winner.

I'm not a huge fan of tinsel, so I like to keep an eye out for alternatives, and I love how this paper straw garland looks wrapped around the Christmas tree. I've seen beautiful red, white, and green patterned straws, and they'd be fab for a fresh Scandi look.

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I'm filing this one away as a great use for all the drawings and paintings that mount up so quickly around here.

I love the simple process art activity Lauren has used to create the watercolour effect paper. Most kids love anything involving a spray bottle, so it's sure to be good fun all around.

Check out the post for detailed instructions on how to make these pretty watercolour garlands.

I also think it would be great to make garlands with existing pieces of art. We made a star garland with the leftover oiled watercolour paper from our lanterns, and that turned out beautifully.

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Christmas crafting, vintage style.

I don't know why, but potato printing always reminds me strongly of my own childhood. It just feels nostalgic to me.

These cute potato-print baubles would make fun wrapping paper if you spread a huge sheet of brown paper across the table.

I'd also throw in the excitement of metallic markers to add decorative details after the paint has dried.

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Snow globes are just fun.

When we pass them in a shop, it's not just the kids who can't resist flipping them over to see the flakes fluttering down.

This is a super-simple snowstorm craft that you can make in just a few minutes. The playtime fun will last much longer than that, though, and your little ones will be mesmerised by it.

We've tried a few different snowstorm crafts over the years, and I really like this particular technique for getting a satisfying snow effect that's not over and done with too quickly.

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My kids have all enjoyed painting with things that aren't paintbrushes.

From old credit cards and toy cars to marbles and twigs, we've tried dozens of different ways of getting paint onto paper.

That's why I love these potato-masher snowmen!

Such a simple craft, easy for little ones to make something that looks like the snowman in their head, but also open-ended enough to let them go crazy with the masher printing if they prefer.

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Pinterest is full of cute-looking reindeer food recipes.

I really love the idea, but I don't love the thought of scattering plastic glitter out where animals could eat it, and the versions with sugar sprinkles in aren't much better.

So, here's the version we make each year instead.

A simple reindeer food recipe that's safe for wildlife.

The reindeer cookies are good fun to make too, and perfect for attracting birds into your garden as well as reindeer.

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Easy Christmas Crafts Crafternoon

Our Christmas crafternoon is one of my favourite pre-Christmas activities.

We keep this very simple, and I’ll set out a few different craft stations around the house. The activities I pick are always very simple ones, like the ones in the list above.

The idea is to choose things that can be made with minimal adult help.

The trick is to station a couple of adults in each area, so that the mamas get the chance to chat too. It’s good to swap around after a while as well.

Ask everyone to bring a festive treat to share, and fill the slow cooker with hot chocolate.

I won’t deny that this usually results in a whole heap of clean-up to do at the end of the session, but I think the benefits are well worth it.

I also have this post with more Christmas crafts for preschoolers that you can check out if you’d like even more ideas for hosting your own Christmas crafternoon.

If you’ve enjoyed this post or found something useful, then I’d love you to pin it and share the love!

Easy Christmas Crafts For Preschoolers