Christmas Gift Ideas For Preschoolers

It’s easy enough to find Christmas gift ideas for preschoolers. Shops are full of colourful plastic, and TV adverts fill their heads with all the things they ‘need’.

There’s room for some more creative gifts as well, though. Gifts that will encourage your children to design and draw. Gifts that let them make things and find ways to share their own view of the world with us.

I wanted to put together a post with some of my favourite Christmas gift ideas for preschoolers. I’ve tried to focus on things that inspire and encourage creativity.

I also think all kinds of art materials are a great Christmas gift idea for preschoolers as well. Everyone loves a new set of pencils, or some lovely soft paintbrushes without dried-on glue all over the handles.

Makedo Cardboard Construction Toolkit.

I bought this kit last Christmas for my four-year-old, and he loved it.

Lovely sturdy tools that really work, and screws to join everything together easily.

Let your child saw her way through all that Amazon packaging you’ve amassed in the run-up to Christmas.

We found that most of the fun was just in poking holes in things and putting screws in to start with. (Brilliant fine motor skills practice).

Some of the things my son has made with his kit include a somewhat over-engineered ‘treasure book’ (kind of a cross between a treasure chest and a book), and a book holder to attach to his bed.

I love that it’s so open-ended. We also bought another Makedo kit for his birthday, which you can see further down this page.

I also think it’s much safer to let little ones cut cardboard with the Makedo saw than it is to hack away at it with scissors.

DJECO Le Petite Artist Collage Set.

I love DJECO art kits. (Actually, I love everything on this list, that’s why it’s on the list).

This kit contains lots of pre-cut paper elements in different shapes, colours, and patterns.

I always like to have a ‘quiet’ kind of activity ready for Christmas day. This collage kit is perfect for when things get a little overwhelming.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks.

I don’t actually think the blocks we have at home are Melissa & Doug ones. We’ve had them 16 years, though, and they’ve survived many a toy cull.

If I was buying building blocks today, these are the ones I’d choose.

A good-quality set of wooden blocks can be almost anything you want it to be.

Ours have made play-parks, dinosaur worlds, farms and zoos, castles and all kinds of structures to support imaginative play. We’ve also used them as maths aids, and to make intricate patterns on the floor.

There’s also a set of Jenga blocks in our brick box. They make perfect edgings for roads and railways, or just nicely uniform bricks for building walls and laying floors.

Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit.

This is the perfect gift for little ones with superhero ambitions.

Kids get to see a lot of different superheroes as they watch TV, read books, and play computer games.

I’d pick this kit over a standard dressing-up costume any day.

How wonderful to be able to be whatever superhero you pick, rather than being limited to Spiderman, or whatever outfit someone has chosen for you?

Giving children the opportunity to create their own playthings helps to develop their confidence enormously.

We’ve owned a lot of Klutz kits over the years, and they’ve all been amazing.

They’re really well-thought-out. The instructions are clear, and the kits are always made of quality items that are fit for purpose.

I honestly think they’re in a different league to any other kids’ craft kit I’ve come across.

Makedo Space Pod.

I’m including this one on the list because it’s been hands-down one of the favourite things to arrive in our house this year.

It was tricky to put together – not difficult, just a little fiddly. My little one lost interest after a while, and came back when it was nearly finished, to add in the last few screws and bask in the glory of finishing.

It’s been in his bedroom for six months now, and played with almost every day. Definitely well worth the investment.

The cardboard ‘suitcase’ it came in was nearly as exciting as the space pod itself, and that too is still going strong.

I was a little hesitant about buying something that seemed quite fixed in how it could be used.

I needn’t have worried though. It turns out that the space pod also doubles up as a tent for camping, a dog kennel (for our actual dog, as well as a variety of toy dogs), an igloo, a farmhouse, a prison, and a hospital. It’s also pretty good at travelling to space.

Despite being made of cardboard, there’s almost no damage after half a year of heavy play use. The door canopy has had to be repaired a little, but I think that’s more to do with my 15-year-old going in and out than anything else!

learning Resources Gears Set.

This is one of those toys that will draw in the adults as well as the kids.

There’s something very satisfying about snapping the chunky plastic cogs into place and setting them in motion.

Our set is around ten years old now, and still in perfect condition despite a lot of play.

Snapping the base pieces together can be tricky, and I find it’s best to leave that to the adults.

The rest of the pieces all connect together easily, creating fascinating moving sculptures.

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set.

Screen-free coding for preschoolers.

Use the picture cards to make a plan, and then programme the mouse to follow your instructions.

Toys like this are great for developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

I’m a big fan of this coding mouse because it’s a way of introducing coding to little ones without adding yet more screen time into their days.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Preschoolers.

I hope you’ve found something you love in this list of Christmas gift ideas for preschoolers.

Often people see children’s toys as disposable, things to be played with for a season and then discarded. It’s important to sometimes choose things that last longer, things that will still be of interest in five years’ time.

These Christmas gift ideas for preschoolers are also great for encouraging creativity and building confidence in their abilities as makers.

They’re also perfect for birthday gifts at any time of the year, so make sure you pin this so you can find it later.

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