11 Stunning & Simple Christmas Cards To Make With Preschoolers.

Hand-made Christmas cards bring a smile to anyone’s face, and kid-made Christmas cards are even more special. Even if you don’t usually send cards, it’s nice to have a few Christmas card ideas up your sleeve ready to be made for the special people in your preschooler’s life.

Like most of my crafting suggestions, these handmade Christmas are all lovely and simple to make.

You’ve got more than enough to do already, trying to make sure that gifts are bought and wrapped, food is prepared, and Christmas plays and parties are all on the calendar. There’s no time for elaborate Christmas card ideas that require you to stand over the children scrutinising their every move and striving for the perfect card.

So, I’ve chosen my favourite Christmas card ideas.

christmas card ideas for preschoolers

You’ll need to gather some basic supplies, but hopefully, you’ll be able to get hold of everything pretty easily.

I’d recommend that you go in with low expectations, both for the finished product and for the number of cards produced. You might have a production-line preschooler who happily churns out dozens of cards one rainy afternoon, or you might have a perfectionist who spends that whole afternoon producing one exquisite card that he’s still not happy with.

I’ve had both of those children.

Either approach is fine.

Don’t plan on sending out 200 kid-made Christmas cards to everyone you know.

Don’t plan on the finished product looking exactly like the Pinterest picture.

If you keep things realistic, then everyone’s going to have much more fun.

Christmas Card Ideas For Preschoolers

Christmas card ideas to make with your toddlers and preschoolers.

Simple Christmas cards to make for the special people in your life.

Everyone loves receiving a handmade Christmas card, and ones that have been handmade by your favourite little ones are even more special.

All of the cards in this list are quick and easy to make, but the end products are really beautiful.

What’s even more fun than having your preschooler try out some of these cute Christmas card ideas?

Making a family occasion of it.

The best way to encourage your little ones to enjoy making things is for them to see you enjoying making things.

Maybe fingerprint Christmas lights aren’t your thing, but that needn’t stop you. When you’re buying supplies for your kids’ creative projects, treat yourself to some as well.

Hit up Pinterest for some grown-up Christmas card ideas, and join in with your children’s making session. Yes, they’ll probably want to steal your fancy paper and use your hot glue gun, but that’s okay.

Creating together is one of the best ways to make happy memories.

If you’re looking for more easy Christmas crafts to make with your preschooler, then try this post.

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