How To Do 7 Super-Easy Christmas Activities For Preschoolers.

We’ve all got Pinterest boards full of wonderful Christmas activities for kids because this year we’re going to be organised enough to actually do some of them in December.

You’re going to have your Christmas shopping done, your meals planned and grocery delivery booked.

In fact, you’ll be free as a bird for the whole of December.

You’ll be able to do a different activity every night of Advent, and your whole home will exude an aura of warmth and family togetherness.


Sorry to shatter the illusions, but if your December is anything like mine, I’ll wager that it will be just as busy and chaotic as every other December.

Whether your children are at home with you 24/7 or going to school or preschool, the holiday season brings with it a whole host of extras – parties, trips to see Santa, school plays … and that’s before we’ve even considered the shopping and entertaining that goes along with a family Christmas.

Christmas Activities For Kids |

I love having some easy Christmas activities for kids up my sleeve to help bring a bit of festive fun into our home every year.

I’m a realist though, and I know that most of those activities need to be super-simple, fuss-free, and quick to set up.

Forget anything where the set-up is longer than the actual activity.

Forget anything where I’ve got to spend £50 on art supplies I’ll only use once.

Be sure to click through from the images to get the details for each activity straight from the source.

(If you’re keen to do something a little bit Christmassy now, before the festive season really gets underway, how about these gorgeous oiled-paper lanterns? Perfect for adding a little touch of hygge to your home as the evenings get darker.

Easy, fun Christmas activities for kids that won't drive you crazy.

I've picked these ideas because they're simple to set up, but fun and engaging for your toddlers and preschoolers.


Easy Christmas Activities For Kids

I’ve been pinning loads of Christmas activities for preschoolers, so make sure you pop over and check out my boards for more ideas.

The biggest tip I have for you when it comes to setting up fun and festive activities for your children is to dial back your expectations and to focus on the fun rather than the outcome.

If the contact paper Christmas tree ends up covered in all kinds of random stuff instead of your carefully-prepared decorations, then that’s okay.

If your toddler eats more icing than they put on their Christmas tree cone, then that’s okay too.

Choose connection over ‘correctness’ and joy over everything else, and you won’t go far wrong.

I’d also like to encourage you to step into the silliness now and again.

Look how much fun your preschooler is having as he tries to stick that star anywhere but the top of the tree! Join in … chase him around and stick it to his bum, or stick it somewhere while he’s not looking and challenge him to spot it.

Every play experience you set up for your child becomes even more valuable when you step into it yourself and join in at their level.