The Best Recipes For Making Slime With Kids.

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Slime is still going strong as one of the most-requested activities in our house. We’ve tried a lot of different slime recipes, with varying degrees of success. I thought I’d take some time to collect our favourite slime recipes here – a kind of slime library, if you will. Even if you already know how to make slime, hopefully you’ll find something here to inspire you to give it another go.

I love making slime with my children. The process itself is never as messy as you think it’s going to be. Making slime is a fabulous tactile, sensory play experience, and my kids enjoy making it as much as they enjoy playing with it. All of these slime recipes are easy to make, so your kids can have fun getting involved in both the making and the playing.

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Making and playing with slime is an awesome rainy-day activity. If you’re looking for something to get you and the kids outside, then hop over and check out my post about easy and fun outdoor activities for kids.

I hope you’ll try one, or six, of these slime recipes with your children.

Basic UK Slime Recipe

This is where we started, with a super-easy slime recipe that works with UK ingredients. I’d read a lot of frustrated comments on the Internet, from UK peeps who hadn’t been able to make slime from the mostly US-centric recipes online.

This UK slime recipe is every bit as easy as it claims to be, and we’ve had a 100% success rate with it.

This is the slime recipe we return to over and over. We keep the ingredients in stock all the time, ready for any slime emergencies that may arise.

Fluffy Slime Recipe.

Shortly after our first foray into slime-making, someone gave my daughter a fluffy slime kit. The kit itself was a disappointment, but it prompted us to try some fluffy slime recipes.

This version makes a fabulously fluffy slime that’s fun to play with. It’s worth noting that the fluffiness is short-term, and on the second day it feels much more like normal slime. If you find a fluffy slime recipe that stays fluffy, I’d love to hear about it!

Clear Slime.

So, you’ve got a good basic all-round slime recipe that works with UK ingredients, and a fun fluffy version. What else do you need?

Well, if you want to get the really vivid translucent colours that suck you in on Pinterest, then you’ll want a slime recipe that uses clear glue. (UK people, if that link doesn’t work, try this one).

Here’s the recipe we started with for clear slime. You can see from the picture how fabulously stretchy it is, and glassy-clear. Beautiful!

You can add your choice of colouring to any of the recipes on this page, but there’s something really magical about the glowing colours you get with this clear slime.

It’s also amazing when you add glitter into the mix!

Slime Recipes For Different Kinds Of Slime.

So, those are our basic go-to slime recipes. We’ve made each of these multiple times, and we love them all.

Maybe you’ve already got your favourite slime recipes too? Maybe you’ve got the basics down, and you’re looking to expand your repertoire of slime recipes.

If that’s you, then maybe these recipes will interest you.

The next part of this post is a round-up of slime recipes that are a bit different from the usual fare. From magnetic slime to glow-in-the dark slime, and everything in between.

Magnetic Slime

Magnets are just cool and fun for everyone, and magnetic slime is even more so. We’ve accumulated quite a collection of magnets over time, and we love using this magnetic slime recipe with them.

Watch your magnets get swallowed up by the slime. See how high you can pull the slime upwards.

Colour-Changing Slime.

This one’s next on my list – I’ve had the thermochromic pigment lurking in my Amazon basket for a while, ready to be added to my next order.

Like the magnetic slime, this adds a new twist that’s perfect for kids who have already spent a lot of time playing with slime. Although it’s still a favourite activity, even in its basic form, these different versions can bring slime back to being exciting again.

Safe To Taste.

When you’re dealing with toddlers and preschoolers there’s a pretty good chance that any sensory play activity will involve tasting at some point.

So, here’s a safe, baby-friendly slime recipe to try out. I love how thick and textured this version is – completely different to the smooth slime recipes we’ve tried before.

Glow Slime

Amazing slime that glows in the dark. Just look at that picture!

The glow effect is even more vivid under a blacklight, and we love playing with blacklights.

Any slime activity offers an opportunity to delve into the science behind what’s going on. That’s even more true for this version, where you can investigate how and why the glow effect happens.

Cobweb Slime

Last but not least, how about this amazing cobweb slime?

This would make fabulous party favours for a Halloween party. It’s definitely on my list of slime we want to make this year.

If you love Halloween, make sure you click through to the post for more Halloween themed slime ideas.

Which Slime Recipe Will You Try First?

I’m always on the look out for new slime ideas to build up my collection on Pinterest. Go and take a look at my Slime! board to see what else you can find.